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On Hamachi and cherries

Japanese yellow tail, or Hamachi as it is called in Japan is one of my favorite fish to serve raw, It has a very buttery and luscious texture that holds up very well to acid and salt without loosing its  natural flavor. The dish above is something i came up with early summer 2016. I paired the Hamachi with macerated cherries, cucumbers, Serrano peppers, crispy shallots, and lime. The recipe it self is super simple but what becomes difficult is the balancing act one plays with the salt and acid levels. I like to write recipes in grams but even with a precise recipe you have to adjust salt and acid here and there depending on your limes and  cucumbers. In the end the  recipe becomes less on how accurate  the measurements are and  more about the palate of the person making it. Enjoy

cucumber liquid

400g cucumbers whole
10g ginger peeled
15g jalapeno ( seeded)
10g sugar
25g fresh lime juice
salt as needed

Blend everything  in vitamin  and strain though fine mesh china cap

Macerated cherri…

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